Our Land – Our Terroir

The ‘terroir’ is a French word that means the interaction of the soil, the wine-maker and the environment; all three aspects have an influence on the wine.

Situated between the Loire and Sologne regions, we benefit from a semi-oceanic climate, which is slightly more continental than the climate found in the Loire Valley or Touraine.

Our soils’ deeper levels are made up of a chalky limestone Miocene base; consisting of Beauce limestone (Aquitanien: 20 to 23 million years old) or from sandy loam from Blaisois (Burdigalien: 16 to 20 million years old).

On the surface, the soil is more varied. Some parcels are calcareous clay, which favour the growth of the Pinot Noir and Romorantin varieties. The siliceous clay soils favour the growth of the Gamay variety. This mix creates a delightful complexity to our wines.