The main work in the vineyard is pruning the vine.

The wine is in the winery. The whites enrich themselves on their lees and the reds are refining. Between end of February and March, we begin racking (decanting the wine from one tank to another) as well as preparing the wines so they can be bottled.

The buds, which have been resting since the fall, begin to grow. End of March, the leaves start to be visible and the vines are going through a sensitive stage. It is the beginning of the critical period, when the buds can freeze when temperatures dip below -1°C. We carefully monitor the temperature and are fully prepared to protect the vineyard with our anti-gel spraying protection system.

After having attached the branches (long branches with 8 to 10 eyes left after pruning), we must work the soil and de-bud (removing the double buds and those of which have grown elsewhere). We must also energize as well as protect our vineyard by pulverizing little doses of cupric and sulfur tisanes.

The first two weeks of June are important: it is when the vine is in bloom.

In the winery, as of April, the wine is ready to be bottled.

We have a lot of work in June until the end of July. We must de-bud, intertwine vines on wires, pulverize, energize and cultivate the soil as well as the vines.

Throughout the first half of August, the grapes being to change colour. The white grapes become transparent and the reds deepen in colour. All grapes begin to enrich in sugar content. We closely follow the maturity and evolution of the vineyard. The grape picking season approaches as we tend to begin around September 15th


End of September and throughout October it is the time for picking the grapes and making the wine. A dynamic period, where there is lots to do – in the vineyard and in the winery.

Once the grape picking is finished, we carefully follow each vintage, the evolving temperatures and fermentation processes as well as tasting the wine…

After collecting all the grapes, it is relatively calm. In the vineyard, the vine rests and waits for the pruning period. In order to strengthen and optimize the maturity of the wood as well as the micro organisims of the soil, we apply some biodynamic treatments.