Our Philosophy Since 1998
For us, it is essential to incorporate proper practices where the results, whether economical, qualitative and human, provide full satisfaction. Biodynamic practices permit us to take a global approach of the plant and the environment according to several influences from the earth, air and water.

As a priority, we develop the microorganisms in the soil so the roots benefit from all the useful elements. We support the development of various annual and perennial herbs bringing a favourable biodiversity to the ecosystem. We pay equal attention to the rhythm of the planets and adapt our work. Notably, by working the soil to benefit from favourable impacts. The vine is becoming more resistant and the spraying of certain tisanes as well as little doses of copper and sulphur allow us to attain nice and regular harvests.

All the work, in regards to the intelligence when dealing with our environment, brings interesting results in the quality level of the wines and on a human level. It is a great pleasure to be in harmony with nature and with life; a joy we like to share with other amateurs, growing in number.

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