A.O.C. Cheverny – Pinot-Noir & Gamay

Luminous. Fresh and fruity bouquet. Joyful on the palate. Aromas of cherry, citrus fruits and redcurrant.

Accompanies well grilled meats, beef, white meats and even fish…

Le Pressoir

A.O.C. Cheverny – Pinot-Noir & Gamay

On a very calcareous plot. Elegant and subtle bouquet. Fresh and harmonious on the palate, retro-olfaction marked by red fruit aromas. Frank and direct.

To accompany veal, roasted poultry, grilled or sautéed meats…

Le Vivier

A.O.C. Cheverny – Pinot-Noir & Gamay

On a sandy, siliceous clay soil. Open bouquet with notes of black fruits. On the palate, strong aromas of tannin explain its fullness after an easy approach.

To serve along a rack of lamb, beef, duck breast fillets…


A.O.C. Cheverny – Dominant in Pinot-Noir

On a calcareous soil. Fermented and aged in oak barrels. Delicately spiced bouquet. Smooth and persistent on the palate, elegant and delicate retro-olfaction marked by light black cherry notes.

To accompany a cheese platter, wild poultry, or even a chocolate dessert…